The mother who forgot her child at our house – Or what should I call that?

One of our readers has a story to share and wants to know if you have ever experienced something similar:

The mom who forgot her child.

As an educator, I have experienced a lot of things and heard about a lot of stuff. But what happened to me last Wednesday: I couldn‘t quite believe it myself!

One of the other moms from my daughter’s kindergarten group asked me to take her daughter to dance school on Wednesday. Her daughter would really love to try dancing. Sure, no problem!

During the day then, the mother asked me whether it would be OK for her daughter to stay at our house the same night. Her son was sick (but he attended kindergarten with a nasty cough, whilst she was at home) and she wanted to take care of him. OK, I am always happy to help and I am well organized. Leaving the house with three children, the next morning, wouldn‘t be a problem for me!

The girls spent the afternoon in my daughter’s room; I was tidying up the house. Everything went well in dance school and they had a lot of fun. At dinner time the girl started coughing, really hard and unhealthy. I tried to call her mum to tell her about it, but when I told her about the coughing she had to hang up. Her son was crying in the background.

She didn‘t called me back.

The children were getting ready for bed. My daughter’s friend was the first to go to sleep. She was coughing a lot. 9.30 p.m. I sent a WhatsApp message to her mum, telling her about the cough. Only one blue hook…she didn‘t receive it. Her daughter woke up crying and told me she wanted to go home, her cough was clearly making her upset. I tried to call her mum: voicemail. Same with her dad (I didn‘t know at this point, that he was away on business). I also didn‘t know the landline number and my husband was abroad on business, too.


The mother switched her phone off and her daughter was coughing all night long.

I tried a few times to call her, no luck, voicemail every time. The cough was getting worse and she wanted to go home. My daughter needed me now, too. She had a blocked nose. I attended both of them. I only got a three hour sleep because of a child I hardly knew and because of a mum who switched her damn phone off for unknown reasons. Knowing very well, her daughter was staying somewhere else. If there would have been an emergency? A trip to the emergency room? What then? Dragging my children to the hospital, too? Leaving the girl alone in an ambulance?

Then a text message: The number was available again.

The mother couldn‘t explain what happened, she didn‘t receive my call or a voicemail message. Apparently her phone has been switched on all the time. Wow! But WhatsApp was stating something else. She listened to the voice messages I left for her on WhatsApp, just 20 minutes after she switched on her phone. The text message I received from her provider, telling me her number was available again, would have shed light on the truth anyway.

Some other things she told me didn‘t make any sense, either. Well: Surprise! I have been at home with my daughter for six days now, both having a bad cold. My son had a sinusitis and what I really need now is a holiday. Maybe I should leave my children with that mum and switch my phone off?!

I felt sorry for her daughter, it wasn‘t her fault.

Have you ever experienced anything like that? We would like to hear your stories!